JAG of HalfLit holding the trophy for 1st place at the dance battle

Vol. 3: The Seiryu 

3rd Street battle hosted by HALF LIT downtown Chicago. The streets flooded with dancers and spectators as we opened up one of the first post covid Dance battles in Chicago after a long year. Over 2o top competitors Battled it out in a open style dance battle. Winner recieved $250 cash and hefty Champion belt and was crowned the Seiryu. 

Flyer for the seiryu Battle that took place May 22, 2021


Introducing Tanya Terekhova one of our dope judges for the open style battle:


Tanya began dancing in 2008 in Moscow, Russia where she was able to train with the some of the best dancers in the country as well as around the world. She started In 2014, she moved to Chicago where she continued learning, experimenting, and sharing within and beyond the popping and hip-hop community. Tanya is currently a member of Rhythm Kidz, a Chicago based hip-hop crew, as well as the co-founder and member of Shadow Puppetz, a Chicago based animation and popping crew. She has been active in the battle scene for three years, traveling around the U.S. and competing in open styles and popping battles. She is the winner of Popping Park Jam (Chicago, 2018) and B-Series (Chicago, 2020) and was also recently featured in Ric Wilson’s music video “Woo Woo Woo”. Her main dance focus is popping, hip-hop, waving, and animation.




Kid Nimbus

The man who needs no introduction our next judge up! The talented Derrick Judkkins Kid Nimbus 


Follow on the gram: https://www.instagram.com/kid_nimbus/



by far been the greatest help in guiding the culture and experience of the event. Killarina is an amazing dancer and choreographer with many more talents. Thank you so much! from bringing the cooler with ice, the binders, the seating, and even the speakers. U went above and beyond. She battled and mc'd. Killarina kept an amazing flow for the event and dropped tips for many people new to the scene on what to expect.



Dizzy Woods

Introducing our next judge Declan Woodfin 


Dizzy Woodz is a Chicago Heights Native

Who has been dancing professionally since 2015 (with ALATS Company) and making music since he was 2. He has studied multiple Dance styles such as Tap, Modern, Hip-Hop, Contemporary but truly found his home in KRUMP. Dizzy also plays multiple instruments (piano, guitar, and bass) and engineers his own music. Dizzy uses Dance and Music as a spiritual communication and escape from the harsh reality around him. Dizzy has worked with many artists and dancers such as Chris Brown, Vic Mensa, Ayo & Teo, Lil Skies, Taylor Bennett, Les Twins, Dytto, and many others. He is a member of TheFutureKingz and is active in the Chicago KRUMP collective Chibuck. Dizzy’s goal is to promote Peace, Love, Positivity, Truth, and Integrity through his art and change the negative narrative in the world around him.


Be sure to check out his other mediums as well






HALF LIT rapper Jag co producer of the seiryu and mc



Our Final Judge for the open style league! The allusive and highly technical Mojo 




Half Lit rapper Sensei co producer of the seiryu and mc